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Connecting medical care around the world through medical image technology and data analysis technology.
It's an era where anyone can easily access a project and test their strengths.



In March 2019, Japan's first medical image analysis and development startup established the company through e-Regidency in Estonia.
TexcelCraft, CEO Shuji Yamamoto, MSc, PhD who is LISIT,Co.,Ltd Tokyo Japan CEO since 2010 as pioneer of Japanese Imaging CRO scheme too and respects Estonia's advanced digital network technology and society of practice, and establishes a company to serve as a bridge between Asian and EU digital healthcare networks, with the local LHV bank as the main trading bank. Established.


For each project, TexelCraft will form an alliance with a world-class team in the field to achieve the project goal in a short period of time.
We are realizing software development with new ideas including Trenser Technologies Inc., which is based in Kerala, India, and embedded software of devices.

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