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Our Skills and Service

Bio-medical data and Imaging Core Laboratory

Asia and International

TexelCraft assists pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies to bring new drugs and devices to market without drug lag and device lag.


Software Development

Strong DICOM or non-DICOM software with PACS

We perform a wide range of development from simple single-function software to large-scale assembly systems.

Offer the best softwear sellecting with customer

Author Name

We will develop low-priced, tailor-made software that picks up only the required functions from the introduction of open source etc, not expensive software that includes functions other than the intended ones.

Image by Shahadat Rahman

Project-based super team formation

Suitable scientists team for Projects.

Project-based programmers with minimal cost, maximum excellence and ability to complete large-scale tasks quickly.
We solve problems with doctors, scientific researchers and talented programmers.

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